Mike Chant (a.k.a. Nágus) profile

Pembrokeshire born singer songwriter Mike Chant has forged a reputation for himself as a passionate multi instrumentalist and powerful singer and lives by a small, simple but very important bit of advice given to him by the legendary Finbar Furey… “Always from the heart…”

For over a decade Mike played with the band Nagus at festivals, concerts, pubs, clubs, funerals and infact wherever a bit of music was needed. 

Nágus were very much a family and friends kind of band with Mike at the centre and often solo but also with Elvire Beijdorff on bass, flutes, bodhran etc and son Tom on guitar. There have also been a plethora of other musicians, interlopers and vagabonds who have left their mark on the Nágus sound and have joined Mike at various junctures, live gigs and studio sessions. Some for one off’s and some as temporary members.

Mike has a huge diversity of influences from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin, Erik Satie to Sinatra,  AC/DC to Pink floyd John Renbourne to the Levellers. Genre has always been a tough one to pin down as Mike has generally been regarded as Acoustic/folk/blues/rock/world (see what I mean)… Lyrics are a very important part of the song and even a soppy love song is not a frivolous affair… always with passion… always heart felt.

Didgeridoo is one of the things Mike is best remembered for at his live gigs and is regarded by some critics as a “Master of the art”  Mike is totally self taught on all his instruments (Guitar, Mando-cello, Didgeridoo, Bodhran, Mandolin, woodwind, piano (at a push) and as such a very instinctive and intuitive player. He has however recently started learning the Cello... Properly... With music and everything!! Loving it too.

Always searching, exploring new ideas, keeping an open mind and an open ear has been his approach. Touched by so much music throughout his life Mike’s passion is to reach out and touch others with his music and give back a little of what music has given him it is the core of why music is his life